George Karker told us another story about the time that he and Thom were working for Dom Costagliola.  It was Dom's habit to dole out tasks to "volunteers".  One day he announced that he had a job for one of them.  George, thinking to stick Thom with something unpleasant, said: "It's Thom's turn this time!"  This is how, on April 21, 1999, a Canadian, not a patriotic American, got the opportunity to play in the U.S. Secret Service BPD Charity Golf Tournament and to get his picture taken with President and Mrs. Bush.  Thom, and George, had many a chuckle over this.  (Go to page bottom.)

Would the person who sent the name of participant other than Thom (left) and President and Mrs. Bush (center) please send it again to sheilaw<at>nbnet.nb.ca replacing <at> with @ first?  My apologies for misplacing it. SEW

George writes:  "I remember Thom coming back with a bunch of goodies from the tournament.  A shirt and hat with the presidential seal, the picture, a dozen balls w/the seal and an umbrella that he won in the free raffle. Not only did he get all this but he got to play on the most elite course in Houston (River Oaks CC). Afterwards we heard that the tournament fee was $500/person.  Dom, thinking that he had to make things square w/me, sent me on a two day seminar in Los Angeles to learn about flexible hose couplings.  Now there's a group to party with! ......"  George, Gretta and their girls were Thom's surrogate family in Texas. For him, being with the Karkers was the next best thing to being home.


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Eulogy by George Karker

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