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Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve
Nature Trust of New Brunswick
Opened September 19, 1999

Preserve opening ceremonies
Opening Ceremonies
by Janice Hashey

Sam Orr's Pond looking east
Sam Orr's Pond
by Don Vail

Map or Caughey-Taylor Preserve
Map of the Preserve

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Those who helped prepare for the event are:

  • Tracey Dean
  • Tom Moffatt
  • Art MacKay
  • Hugh Madill
  • Dave Stevens
  • Larry Foster
  • Mindy Brown

Updated on January 2, 2006
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In mid-September, 1999, tropical storm Floyd raced up along the Atlantic seaboard, its 100 knot winds wreaking havoc it its path. The day after it hit southwest New Brunswick, Sunday, September 19 was one of the clearest, most beautiful days of the summer. On that day over 110 people came to the opening of the Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve in Bocabec, NB.

Bev Lawrence, town crier extraordinaire, was the master of the brief ceremonies. He told anecdotes about donors Earl Caughey and Gene Sharp and about his father-in-law, Garfield Taylor, for whom the preserve is named. A message was read from Dr. Sharp who regrettably, was unable to attend. Art McKay described the uniqueness of Sam Orr’s Pond which is within the preserve. Hon. Greg Thompson, MP spoke briefly on the importance of land preservation.

Outgoing president of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick, Jessie Davies presented two awards. The first was to Mel Turner, a former board member who had donated countless hours of legal work to securing the Sharp lot. The second was to Dr. Owen and Sheila Washburn who held the late Judge Caughey’s land until the Sharp property was secure.

Sheila Washburn, incoming president of the Trust, thanked people who had helped make the preserve possible, those who had helped with the opening and those who had joined the stewardship committee.

Sheila Washburn and her brother Dr. Michael Caughey of Ottawa, announced that they are donating an additional parcel of land to the preserve (see map). The new lands protect the coastal lowlands and the entrance to Sam Orr’s Pond.

Tom Moffatt led many of the attendees on a hike to Sam Orr’s Pond while most of the remainder went to a reception at the Atlantic Salmon Federation. There the musical group, the Fog Bankers continued entertaining the guests.

The great interest in the Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve and the goodwill emanating from the surrounding community are the proof of the importance of preserving this uniquely beautiful area.

The Nature Trust of New Brunswick, Inc. is a charitable non-profit corporation
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