ST. ANDREWS - A memorial service was held in the Wesley United Church in St. Andrews Wednesday, June 13, 1984 for Estella Marjorie Caughey who died on Monday, June 11, 1984.

Mrs. Caughey, born in Guelph , Ontario, on November 1, 1907, the elder daughter of professor William and Emily Day, was active in the Girl Guide movement, the library and other activities during her 50 years in St. Andrews.

She was educated at the Ontario Provincial Normal School in Toronto and the School of Physical Education at McGill University at Montreal. She moved to St. Andrews in 1934 upon her marriage to Mr. Justice Earl T. Caughey.

She was especially active in community affairs involving children. In the early years she taught dancing to both children and adults. She was active in the Girl Guide movement for more than 30 years.

She formed the first Brownie Pack in St. Andrews in 1939, became District and Division Guide Commissioner and introduced Guiding throughout Charlotte County.

She was the commandant for many years at the county-wide Guide camps at Lake Utopia, started the first Ranger Company in the county and served at the provincial level as guider trainer and ranger adviser.

She represented Canada at a World Guide conference in Mexico and ran an international camp for guiders in Charlotte County attended by guiders from the western hemisphere.

Mrs. Caughey was named a life member of the Girl Guides of Canada in 1957 and was given the highest Girl Guides award in 1959, the Order of the Beaver.

In later years, Mrs. Caughey's interest was the St. Andrews library and, over a 15 year period turned a small collection of donated materials in a one-room library, open one day a week, into a wide-ranging modern collection of more than 1,000 catalogued books.

She attended several sessions of the School of Library Science at the University of New Hampshire and headed a team of some 20 volunteers providing service four days a week to library members.

She served as librarian until the Ross Memorial Library was built and the library came under the provincial library service.

Mrs. Caughey's other life-long interest was gardening, and her flower garden became a landmark in St. Andrews.

She is survived by her husband; a son Michael, of Nepean, Ontario; a daughter, Sheila Washburn of Fredericton; a sister, Ida Smith of Toronto, and seven grandchildren.


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