from The Dome, Fredericton High School Newspaper

 Page 4,  October 31, 1980


Hi!  Welcome back to FHS grade 11's and 12's and a special welcome to all the new grade 10's.  This year promises to be one of the best in FHS history.

To make this year even better I urge everyone to get involved.  Join clubs that interest you, for I'm sure many clubs will accept new members.  Try out for a sports team or two, who knows you might make the cut. But most of all take pride in FHS and support it whenever you can (especially against OHS).

Also I will welcome any suggestions, ideas, opinions, helpful hints and good jokes.  If you have one of the above don't hesitate in coming up to the SRC office and telling me.  If there is something you have that you want brought up at an SRC council meeting you have to bring it to the executive first.  The executive have meetings (almost) every Monday after school at the SRC office.  If you are interested in the SRC there is no restriction (that I know of) keeping you from coming and observing the general meetings.

Having a great year is up to you. You make the sports teams run, the clubs operate and the social events happen.

Get involved and have a great year.


Tom Washburn, Vice-President, Student Representative Council


Thanks to Sylvia MacPhee for providing this clipping.