Initial PLANS for 50th REUNION for the UNB CLASS OF '59
This page was updated on March 28, 2006

It was great to see old friends during UNB Homecoming 2005. The Class of '59 had a good turn out and most faculties were represented. From the minutes below, you will see that we have already started to organize our 50th Reunion in 2009. If you would like to help, have some suggestions or wish to be on an emailing list please contact Sheila Washburn ( We look forward to hearing from you.

Minutes of Meeting of UNB Class of '59
On Sunday, July 31, 2005
At Jack Oudemans' home, Fredericton


  • Doug and Marie Colwell
  • Ann and Ron Day
  • Hans and Alice Foerstel
  • Jim and Katrina Forrest
  • Eugene Jackson
  • Ron Manzer
  • Arnold and Clare Matthews
  • Jim and Maureen O'Sullivan
  • Jack Oudemans
  • Bill and Lois Paterson
  • Carl and Bonny Vaughan
  • Sheila and Owen Washburn
  • Arthur and Cairine White
  • Peggy and Bob Wightman

The meeting was chaired by Class VP Peg Wightman. She thanked our host and the organizers of the Class of '59 2005 reunion.

Treasurer Sheila Washburn reported that there was about $550 in the account before the submission of expenses. There would certainly be over $400 remaining. She asked whether this money should be kept in our UNB Class of '59 Bank of Montreal Account (No. 8088-944) on Prospect Street, returned to those who paid their fee but missed the 2005 Class events, or given to the UNB Alumni. Once all the bills are in, the final financial statements will be posted to the web site.

It was moved by Maureen O'Sullivan and seconded by Bill Paterson that the funds be retained in the UNB Class of '59 account. This passed unanimously. These funds are to be used as seed money for the organization of the 50th Reunion in 2009.

Concerning the 50th Reunion, the consensus was that:

  1. The 50th reunion will be held in 2009, not during a 2010 Homecoming event, if any.
  2. The reunion will be in the fall, preferably in September.
  3. It will be a three day event.
  4. The primary location of the meeting will be St. Andrews.
  5. It is preferable that our accommodations be together.
  6. There will be a variety of side trips to chose from, some of which will definitely be to either or both UNB campuses (campi?).
  7. Someone from UNB will be invited to tell us about exciting programs, events and/or courses being offered or in the works.
  8. We will start organizing the 50th Reunion this year with our first meeting in October. (Carl Vaughan has offered to join the committee.)
  9. Before the October meeting we will ask for a list of UNB Class of '59ers sorted by the faculty of the classmate's first degree. (Bill and/or Jim can facilitate this.)
  10. We will identify key individuals in each faculty and involve as much personal contact as possible in communicating with our classmates.

Sheila brought greetings from some of our classmates who wanted to be with us but couldn't be. The formal meeting adjourned and the informal catching up on each other resumed.

Submitted by Sheila Washburn, Class of '59 Secretary-Treasurer

NB As of October 12, 2005 there was $551.87 in our bank account. Some members of the organizing committee preferred not to submit bills for out-of-pocket expenses for the 2005 Homecoming Class of '59 Reunion. We thank them for their generosity and their work on our behalf. We are especially grateful to Jack who hosted us for brunch and hosted many a committee meeting as well.

50th Reunion 2005 Reunion Financial Report

© 2005 Sheila Washburn