150th Anniversary

St. Andrews, NB, Canada
August 15-19, 2003

March 30, 2004

The Honorable Tony Huntjens
Minister of Family and Community Services
89 Prince William Street
St. Stephen NB E3L 1S8

Dear Mr. Huntjens:

Re:  Final Report on the Jeanie Johnston's Return to St. Andrews

Attached please find a four-page report on the return of the Jeanie Johnston to St. Andrews.With our thanks, please share it with the Regional Development group who provided financial assistance to the project.

You were one of the people to welcome the tall ship to the Town. You brought greetings from the Province and presented the first mate with a New Brunswick flag. Whenever you could you interceded on our behalf, and we were faced with some interesting challenges. Thank you for all this and for recommending that we received $1000 from the Province. That assistance was crucial to our Four Day Ceili. Being an artist yourself, you know how important it is to support New Brunswick performers.

The Charlotte County Jeanie Johnston Committee were a most marvellous group to work with. They had wonderful ideas and great enthusiasm. They willingly carried out any job assigned them, usually a task they had suggested themselves. For your information, the 2003 members were:

Carole Barton, Secretary Treasurer; Ann Breault; Mary Casement; Harry (BB) Chamberlain, Wharfinger; Joan Jones; Vaughn McIntyre, Faye McMullon; Chuck Schom; Gary Scott; Janet Toole; Sheila Washburn, Chair; and Max Wolf, Town Councillor.

While these were the movers and shakers, the report highlights many of the other groups in the community who became enchanted by the project and helped make it the success that it was. Your help was especially significant. Thank you so much.

Yours truly,
Sheila Washburn, Chair
The Charlotte County Jeanie Johnston Committee

Encl.  Final Report

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