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Many Irish immigrants fled to North America to escape the Potato Famine. In 1853 one of the last of these ships came to St. Andrews and descendants from those on board still live in the Town. It was therefore right and proper that the replica of this ship, the Jeanie Johnston included St. Andrews in her 2003 voyage up the Eastern Seaboard.

The Regional Development corporation of the Government of New Brunswick contributed $1000 towards the Return of the Jeanie Johnston to St. Andrews New Brunswick.

The final report on the JJ Return was sent to The Honorable Tony Huntjens, Minister of Family and Community Services. It was contained in two Microsoft Word files which have been translated into web pages listed and linked below:

After the visit, the organizers in Ireland requested that we send them copies of the clippings on her voyage. This page was created to give them access to scanned versions that could be reprinted for their purposes.

McLEANS MAGAZINE - a national magazine
August 18 issue

QUODDY TIDES - an international weekly
August 8 paper

COAST GUIDE - a yearly regional promotion
Page 28

TELEGRAPH JOURNAL - provincial daily
August 18 Part A1, Part A2, Part A3
August 18 B

DAILY GLEANER - provincial capital's daily
August 9, Part 1 and Part 2

ST. CROIX COURIER - local a twice weekly
July 25
July 29
August 8 and 26
August 8 A
August 8, Part B1 and Part B2
August 19, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
August 19, Pictures 1, Pictures 2, Pictures 3, Pictures 4
August 29

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