by Ethel Emily (Williams) Day ~ Group 2




I care not to gaze on the days that are gone

All burdened with sorrows and cares manifold

But would rather look forth to the years coming on

And plan what the future may hold.


Look forth in my fancy to days full of joy

Where no sighs ever come, and no tears ever fall

Where sad disappointments will never annoy, 

And love reigns supreme over all.


The past is the past, and we know what it holds

Its short, fitful pleasures are over and fled,

But our fancy can paint that the future unfolds

Brighter days than the ones that are dead.


And the disappointments around us may rise,

Tho’ the on-coming days may our dreams ne’er fulfil

We can always look on, with hope bright in our eyes

And dream of a fair future still.





The town-folks may wonder what pleasure is there

In attending a small agricultural fair.

But since they’re not of us, they never can know

The joy that we find in our Aberfoyle Show.


‘Tis a day of re-unions.  The school-mates, once dear

From whom we’ve been parted, we greet every year,

When from all o’er the township with glad hearts we go

To meet our old friends at the Aberfoyle Show.


And then the exhibits!  To us are well known, 

The owners of all that is at the fair show

Those pumpkins so gorgeous, we’ve been where they grow.

They’re like dear old friends at the Aberfolye Show.


‘Tis bright happy faces that there you will meet,

And prettiest of dresses, so dainty and neat

And glad salutations, wherever you go

You’ll find no such gay crowd as at Aberfolyle Show.


Then welcome, twice welcome, thrice welcome we say

Is the day of the year, our township show day.

May the fates all be kind, and fine weather bestow

On the day that is chosen for Aberfoyle Show.



From her childhood’s home she is parted

Where true love always smiled,

Down Life’s rough path she has started

But God will protect my child.


She is far away from her mother, 

Far away from her home

But Christ is her Elder Brother

Wherever her feet may roam.


No longer can I watch by her

From trouble and care to defend,

But the Lord is always nigh her

He ever will be her friend


O God of the sad and the stranger

To whom with our griefs we run,

In every kind of danger

Watch o’er my wandering one


When prosperous, keep her lowly,

When troubled, keep her mild,

When tempted, keep her holy,

O God, protect my child.





To be a woman – ‘tis to give

Her life for those she holds most dear

In all their joys and griefs to live,

And all their dreary paths to cheer.


To be a woman – ‘tis to know

All pain and joy that love can bring.

The heights of bliss, the depths of woe,

And always to the loved one cling.


To be a woman – ‘tis to feel

For others in their every grief,

To strive their wounded hearts to heal,

And to their suffering bring relief.


To be a woman – ‘tis to be,

Thru’ toilsome days and weary nights,

Full of sweet love  and charity.

Oh, that indeed, is Woman’s Rights.


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