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Washburn Home Page Prose and poetry are recorded here with permission, except for those of our poet laureate, Ethel Emily (Williams) Day (circa 1885-1952) and her great-grandson, Thomas William Washburn (1963-2004).
Poems by
Grandma Day

  • Collection 1 Bottle of Ink, When the Butter Won't Come, Daughter, When the Wild Winds Blow.
  • Collection 2  Looking Forward, Aberfoyle Show, Protect My Child, Women's Rights
  • Collection 3  Load of Hay, Old Calendar, Prairies' Charm, Think of Me
  • Collection 4  Voices of the Town, Good Night, My Ideal, Our Tastes
Sheila's Memories Opening of Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve
Sister Helped to Trim the Sails
2001 Travels to Czech Republic
Thom Washburn Poetry written during lonesome years at U of W
Jessica Blair Ma Chienne Kaylee
The Rt. Rev. Peter Short Let No One Be Turned Away

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