by Thomas Washburn 1963-2004
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Home, I hear my heart call
To the spruce and budworm,
Fishing nets and all,
Back among fishermen,
Pulpmills and forest glen.
Down to the ocean's side,
Among rocks so worn,
Where children hide.

'Tis my home, New Brunswick,
Where I long to go.
Forever I'll be homesick
For that healthy Eastern glow.
And I will return yet,
To relieve some of the pain,
Oh yes, you can bet,
I'll be home again.


From a book of poems Thom wrote as a teenager when he first left home and while studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo.


Where are you now,
My old Friend,
That I need you?
You're long gone
From my life.
What can I do?
You and I
Were so close;
We had each other.
Now I am alone,
I have few friends
And take no lover.


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© Thom Washburn 1982


Hello, how've you been?
It's so nice to hear your voice once again.
You're sounding so good
And I wish that we could
See each other now and then.

Hello? You still there?
I was thinking of all the days gone by.
When we were friends,
And swore love to the end,
And now all we say is good-bye.

But today,
We're a thousand miles apart,
Maybe more.
And if we meet again
I will call you friend
For it's only in our dreams that we still soar.

I miss you.
I miss everything about you.
Yes I do.
I miss walking in the rain,
And drinking champaigne,
But mostly I miss love and I miss you.



I was lost.
In the mists of loneliness,
I nearly drowned.
Upon the rocks of oblivion,
I was tossed.
But by your beacon, your light,
I was found.

You brought me,
To that safe harbour where,
We became two.
But again on the Ocean
I must be.
Yet for your safe harbour,
I thank you.


Running, we were always running,
From hollow to hollow,
From hgih to high.
Running to tomorrow,
Living for today,
Trying to keep yesterday.

Updated January 2, 2008