The Committee for the 2006 Washburn Family Reunion

At our first organizational meeting on January 22 we decided that a web page and email would be our major communication tools. Below are the names, email addresses and phone numbers of the organizing committee. To try and prevent spam email we have removed the ampersand and replaced it with "-a-". Before using the address, replace the @.

Owen Washburn 472-3842
Barb and Bob Dryden 738-8632
David and Anna Washburn
and Tyson, Tyler and Angela 687-4596
Rick and Allyson Magee 454-2474
Janet Johnston 687-4223
Susan Mersereau 687-4575
Krista Beattie 472-4884
Sue Blair 462-0998
Sheila Washburn 471-3842 Cell

Our next committee meeting is in mid-April, Sheila and Anna to determine the time and place. Let us know if you think of something that could be incorporated into our program and don't be shy to offer your assistance. We will soon be looking for help with specific tasks, if you wish to volunteer. Help us make August 6 a really special day!

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