August 6, 2006
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Hibbert and Mabel Washburn, August 1981, by Thom Washburn


Hibbert and Mabel Washburn had six children. Mabel MacDonald was one of eleven children. Hibbert had seven step-siblings, six of them surnamed Perkins. In the summer of 2006 the descendents of the Washburn-MacDonald-Perkins clan gathered for the fun of getting together and keeping in touch. All of the activities took place at Centennial Park, St. Andrews or originated from there.

Gathering August 6, 2006 by Ken Washburn Click
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The Reunion was all that we had hoped for. The weather, food, memorabilia, and turnout were tops. While a committee shared the organizing, special thanks must go to David and Anna Washburn and family who brought the barbecues, the food which they barbecued and the tent which they rented, erected and returned. However, everyone contributed by bringing food, photos, family trees and memories to a most successful reunion. Thank you for coming.
The W-M-P Reunion Committee

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