EARLY DAYS ALBUM   1963 ~ 1977
when Thom was Tommy

Thomas William Washburn was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, in 1963, and he finished high school there in 1981.  For a six year period in the middle (1967-1973) the family lived in Guelph, Ontario, just west of Toronto, where Tommy attended kindergarten and the first four years of public school.  He liked school.  An average reader, he found languages difficult but math and sciences fun.  Most of all, he loved sports and music.  Having three siblings 3, 4.5 and 6 years younger, Tommy managed the responsibilities and enjoyed the privileges of an oldest child.

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Tommy age 1

Tommy age 2 in St. Andrews

Tommy (4) and Susie (1) in Fredericton

First day of school in Guelph

early grades

Slugger Washburn

Back yard at Liverpool Street, Guelph

Tommy at 10

Go cart on Harrison Avenue, Guelph

Hockey in Fredericton

With Daddy and Susie on Beaverbrook Street, Fredericton, 1967

Tommy at 18 mo in Fredericton

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