WORK DAYS ALBUM  1987 ~ 2004
Thomas Washburn, BSc, MBA, P.Eng  

The son of two professional engineers, Thom had found what he liked to do best.  We are very proud of his engineering achievements.  However Thom's career choices put his marriage and eventually his life at risk.

When he and Donna Harrison were newly married and much in love neither of them took full advantage of the year they spent living and working together in China.  They returned home determined to stay in Canada.  However career opportunities were better for petrochemical engineers in the States and eventually they emigrated, via Iowa to Texas, where Thom resumed working for ABB Lummus.

The 17 or 18 months in 2000-2002 that Thom worked in Brno in the Czech Republic were a turning point for Thom.  On his own without Donna, he developed a youthful exuberance for exploring new places, learning new cultures and making new friends.  He liked project engineering.  He was very good at it.  As with students who do not easily fit back into the family home after being away, Thom likewise had changed.  Childless and soon divorced, he reverted to a bachelor existence and increased his circle of friends and his involvement in sports, adding cycling to golf and hockey.

His employer recognized his increasing confidence and competence and Thom was given more responsibilities.  These took him to Saudi Arabia just as terrorists were increasing their attempts to destabilize the country.  Thom and five co-managers were assassinated in May 2004.  Now each of us finds our own way to deal with this collective loss.  Thom's mother has chosen to create a web site so that all can picture Thom again, remember the good times and, hopefully, be comforted.

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Donna Harrison and Thomas Washburn, Toronto, October 1988

In Fuchun, China

On the Great Wall of China

In Australia with friend

In his office in Brno, Czech Republic

On tour of the Czech Republic

The best beer in the world!

BR Ken, Donna, Thom.  MR Nan, Trudy, Sue, Chris.  FR Emily, Jessie, Cameron.  2002

Thom, kid brother Ken, father Owen

Mercedes-Benz Kompressor C230 in front of home in Katy, Texas

Good friends

With ABB Lummus MS 150 bike team three weeks before shooting

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